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Greetings to all from NW Washington

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This is my first posting. I'm retired, in my late 50s.

I have been interested in military history & have collected since the late 1960s. I did not serve in the armed forces myself, but starting with family stories & items handed down to me early on, the bug was in place. In short, I find myself here, & wish to participate & hope to contribute in some way...

Cheers, Jon....

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Welcome Jon. I live in the Tacoma area, so we are somewhat neighbors. Lots of information and lots of helpful people on the site, so enjoy.


Do you go to any of the local military shows? There is one at the Olympic Flight Museum in Tumwater twice a year. The next one is in March, but I don't have the date. You can contact them via the net or FB and they will let you know when it is.





Always buying USMC named uniforms and unit marked items.

"Life is hard, it's harder if you're stupid"

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Greetings from a fellow Washingtonian who is only a few years behind you in age but still working and collecting. I did serve in the armed forces and I also was the recipient of family artifacts which was a catalyst in my collecting.


Welcome aboard!

I do not profess to be a militaria expert, but I conduct as much research as I am capable of and then write about my findings.
Check out my blogs, The Veteran's Collection (general militaria) and Chevrons and Diamonds (military baseball)



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Welcome from balmy Seattle !



!!!! WANTED !!!!

WWII Prisoner of War items : Medals, Mail, Diaries, Photos, Documents, Scrapbooks + More

WWII Naval Aviation Groupings : Medals, Documents, Scrapbooks, Photos, Flight Logs, Flight Jackets + More




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Welcome to the Forum and it's good to be retired. :)

- Looking For USMC "Rim Numbered" GCM 26922 & USMC Yangtze Service Medal MNo1086 - - Looking for Attributed - US Campaign Medal Groups - Army or USMC WW 1 Silver Star & Purple Heart Medal Groups and WW 1 Groups with Mexican Campaign Medal or Mexican Border Service Medal




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Many thanks for the welcoming responses. I probably won't address everybody properly, but

I'll take a stab at it anyways...

Some years back, I involved myself in Civil War reenacting with the WCWA. Later, some living

history with the Friends of Willie & Joe. Active

up to about 2006...

Since that time, I joined ASMIC for a few years, but had to give up a few of the luxuries etc...

At some point, I'll have to make my way down

to the Olympic Flight Museum for one of the

militaria shows. I've heard only good things

about it...

Responding to you guys that have a connection

to the 41st Infantry Division. My dad started out

with Co.M 163rd Inf.Regt. in 1940, went over to

Australia on the Queen Elizabeth, went through

Sananada, Aitape, Wakde & Biak. Somewhere in

there, he was with HQ 3/163 as a runner. He came home on points before the division went

to the Philippines...

In closing, I'll try to find the right category to post

some of his photos from Camp Murray & Fort Lewis, a few from Australia also. I think he had

to send his camera home at that point, so none

from Papua/New Guinea...

Thanks to all, Jon....

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