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Hello all. Is anyone on this section of forum a collector of USAF police badges in specific Air Police badges. I currently own the AP non enameled badge and SP badges however I don't know where to start with for an enameled badge. I tried eBay however I have seen mainly the type 2. I am looking for an type 3 with the pin back. If any one knows of one with enamel in good condition please let me know. Martin

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Sorry, I haven't seen a enameled badge for years, and then it was only one at a gun show and the gy wanted way too much.

At this rate I'll have to be happy with my first issued Air Police badge, my last issued Security Police badge, and my Police qualification badge with a star.  I did come across a women's Security Police badge.  When  women first started to appear as actual cops back in 1974 they were eventually given a smaller version of the regular Security Police badge.

The first female cop I saw came as a surprise.  Not only was this the first female S.P. I had ever seen because normally they were not allowed in the career field. Here she was also in jungle or camo fatigues like the rest of us.  Her badge was like ours.  The same size and sewn directly onto the pocket of her fatigues.  Sometime later I came back to the states and soom two more women arrived and ended on my flight.  These were K-9 handlers, one a drug dog and the other a bomb dog handler.

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Those enamel center badges can go for $400++, depending if there were any cracks in it. I sold one a few years back with a perfect center and it went for, if I remember right, $425. I have another but wish I still kept that one. They are so hard to find.

As far as the 'female' SP badge I've seen males wearing them. I was a in 82-86 as a medic. I posted a picture somewhere with a male SP wearing one. I also have a few of thos badges and it doesnt specify female on the label.



ASMIC #1098


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