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I've been to Gettysburg many times but it is usually in the winter when rates are low. I'm hitting it at a peak weekend and refuse to pay those high rates.

Does anyone have experience with the Eisenhower Hotel out on Emmitsville Road? I see great reviews and then those who say it is horrible. As long as it is clean is about all I ask for. It's about $75 vs $150 elsewhere.

Don't mind staying out a bit but would like to be within 10 mins of the Gettyburg center. Coming in from the south or west.



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There's a nice B&B over by the Eternal Light Memorial on the 1st Day's Battlefield.


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Farnsworth Inn is fantastic...great restaurant in a historic building, with a militaria shop next door (if you can catch it open!). Believe it's a B&B, as well


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