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Marine Air Group 11 Patch


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Does anyone know if MAG 11 patch was worn during Vietnam or later?

Also how were Navy/USMC patches worn on the flight jackets? Was the Group or wing worn on left side

and squadron, etc. worn on the right?

Hope someone has the answer.




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I'll give this one a shot....


Not sure on MAG-11. However, the USMC Air Wing is in a unique position when it comes to patches, since patches basically aren't authorized, and haven't been for Marines since right after WWII.


Patch placement, from what I've seen, is pretty much up to the unit commander, and dependant on the Group Commanders wishes. However, tradition dictates many things, and this is no exception.


I would expect to see a squadron patch (or the lowest level unit the aviator is flying under/with) on the right upper side of the flight jacket. On the left side, only the nametape. This is pretty much how they are worn on the flightsuit as well.


I haven't seen very many flight jackets being worn with 'multiple' patches on them. If a pilot was assigned to "MAG-11" as his primary flight group, then I'd expect to see him wearing that patch. However, usually only it's the group CO and staff that are 'assigned' to each group, since there are H&S Squadrons inside the groups that do the flying (in addition to the squadrons themselves). The 'Group', is typically just an admin type headquarters, and not a 'flying' outfit per se.


Hopefully that helps some...

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