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D-Day Relics (Point du Hoc & Omaha Beach)

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A collection of pictures I took at Pointe du Hoc and Omaha Beach in Normandy on June 2, 2015. Despite the abandoned appearance there was actually quite a few people around, but once I stepped away from the waterside path and bunkers then meandered around the more distant ones they thinned. The rest was just patience and waiting for people to clear my lens.



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Nice slideshow! It pays to be patient to get great photos. I was there in april 2015 :).











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Great photo journey! Well done! I've been there twice. Nice to see it again. Thanks! Bobgee


P.S. Just finished reading the 2 Volume D DAY Through German Eyes - The Hidden Story of June 6th 1944


Gives a really interesting viewpoint of some of the German troops who experienced the Allied wrath raining down on them on 6 June 1944. Available on Amazon. Good historical read! Bob

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Yes, just a really great, very historical site to visit. I was able to visit in 1993 and made some similar photos, but I think there are more people in my photos. Are there still the "international" symbols of a foot stepping on a mine to warn you of UXO there? If I remember correctly, inside the FO bunker, there was a bronze Tablet naming the Ranger KIA's on June 6. A recent visitor had added a wooden cross and a hand written and very touching note to his friends who didn't survive the day. I made a photo of it and have it somewhere, very touching. My wife didn't want to visit any more American Cemeteries after visiting the one in Normandy. I guess it might be interesting to note that I deployed for a year as an infantry Master Sergeant to Afghanistan in 2012. My wife wasn't thrilled about it, but did realize it was something I "had" to do! Not too sure my daughter understands why I did that and missed her High School Graduation and 1st year of collage. She probably never will, but, I came home to them pretty much un harmed.


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Those signs are still there. I was surprised at just how much freedom I had to explore the old bunkers though, it felt like none where blocked off to keep people out.


I understand what you mean, I volunteered to go Iraq and spent most of 2008 there.

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