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Submarine Badge on Army Officer in the 1960s

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An interesting find, Pete Hino. Served in the Merchant Marines in WWII as a kid, then the Navy, gets out, goes to William & Mary in Williamsburg Virginia and then enters the Army after graduating, would ultimately serve in Vietnam as battalion commander 2nd Battalion 13th Artillery II Field Force Vietnam Artillery, and on staff at II FFV.





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My Vietnam vet friends would laugh at this...not the veteran that is pictured, but at the visual of their oft-repeated mockery of wannabes whom they encounter...submarine door-gunner.


All jokes aside, this is not authorized in today's Army, if I am not mistaken. It is cool to see, nevertheless.

I do not profess to be a militaria expert, but I conduct as much research as I am capable of and then write about my findings.
Check out my blogs, The Veteran's Collection (general militaria) and Chevrons and Diamonds (military baseball)



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