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My Eighth Embroidered Patch - Paramarine (on wool)

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Well, here is my Eighth patch (I know, skipped the seventh. the seventh patch I made was a British Jewish Brigade Group tab)! This is a Paramarine patch, made to match the Marine Raider patch I finished a couple of months ago. I used the same wool and embroidery thread, so they would look the same. This one took 7 hours of actual work. No machine used, just me and a needle! ;) I really liked the parachute more than the skull. I think this is a classy looking patch (IMO).


Out of curiosity, are there more matching elite MArine group patches that are like this and the raider one?


I took a quick picture of it, and didn't wait for Sis to do a nice one, but I wanted to post it, even though it isn't the nice photographing job! ;) So, excuse the wrinkles and shadows!



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Thanks for the kind words! It was super fun to make. :) I traded my Marine Raider patch, and he asked for a matching Paramarine patch. So, I'm actually trading this one, too. ;)

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I'll take 20



;) That would be a tall order! With 20, you know, you could embroider them on every different shade of blue and have a colour-wheel effect! ;) hee hee


On a serious note - if anyone ever wants one, I'm open to making more. I have saved the pattern for this patch. It was actually rather fun all the way around!


I saw a photo of a similar design, only I think it was an AA gun in the center . . . what would that be for?

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