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Market Garden event

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I hosted a small Market Garden event back in September. It was part of a larger historical contest with cash prizes.


We dug foxholes and stayed out in them and pup tents. We ate repro K rations and locally liberated food cooked in a helmet shell. We showed the public the mundane day to day life of the combat soldier. At midnight one night we took a patrol through the park we were in. It was a neat experience.


Our display won first prize in our category: $500. The organizers heard fantastic things about it from the public and we had a good time. Here are a few pics. Ignore the 101st guy, he got lost. :-P




The foxhole I slept in. At night I fitted it with some captured zeltbahns over the top.


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This is cool! Kudos to you for keeping history alive! Thanks for sharing!


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Very nice little display! My unit does a similar thing every year, typically based in 1945.

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