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WW2 US Navy NAF 1173-1 Aircraft Control grip....

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This might be of interest to you guys. My 1173-1s have the newer switches in them with contact for bomb switch. Maybe they were replaced because of wear or maybe they were going to convert 1s into 2s but just scrapped them out.


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I guess a 1173-1 was in F4F so it is earlier one for sure. Do you collect them or just bought as a nice items?t


Simple pedestal mount would be the best do display it.




Simple pedestal it is. I have had the material for years. Thanks for incentive to put it together.


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You are welcome and thanks for compliment.


Mounted and labled they are more likely to be saved for future generations than in a box.


I mounted the 1173-1 on rectangular base and rotated a few degrees so that when the base is parallel to the desk top, the numbers more easily visible when it is on the right side of my desk. I had a piece of round so I made round base. You can rotate it anyway and it does not look crooked no matter which way you rotate it. Not that it really matters


If you have any ideas for how to display the 1173-2 with a inert factory sample m82 frag please let me know.


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I should have been more specific. It's complete AN M82 90 lb frag bomb with single hook and m103 fuze. They were use individually, in clusters and with parachutes. This one was a factory sample and was never loaded. Prob belongs in different thread but "B" trigger made me think of it.

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Sure I posted some pics on another forum for a person. I'm not sure if it's ok to put links here but you can Google, m82, Southern Steel Stampings or if there is interest and patience I can put pics here. We may need another thread. I don't want to hijack this one.



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