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Luxenberg U.S. Officer Cap Badge - Marked "Luxenberg New York"

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Hello All,


I picked this one up because of the nice burnished highlights that really made it stand out when compared versus other hat badges. It was a bonus when I saw it marked "Luxenberg New York."


Of the few postings I could find in the forums, there seems to be controversy around the various Luxenberg Cap Badges. I am hoping someone can offer some opinions as to era and genuineness of this example.


The details are very sharp, and the burnishing distinct, although my pictures don't do the appearance complete justice. I have posted both pictures with and without flash to better paint a picture.








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Looks fine to me. Can't say I've seen restrikes of them. Despite having a pre-war looking style , the Luxenberg-made hats I have found these on have been post WW2 manufacture.


Thank you Kurt. What is the difference between the "Made in England" marked ones versus "New York". Did Luxenberg license their product for overseas manufacture? What years was that done? Thanks for any additional insight.





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