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VB-81, VF-81, VT-81 | CVG-81 | USS Wasp (CV-18)


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VB-81, VF-81, VT-81 | CVG-81 | USS Wasp (CV-18)



VB-81 | "Hell Razors"

Established 1 March 1944
Aircraft: SB2C Helldiver, SBW-3

The nickname "Hell Razors" was conceived by Walt Disney Studios, which also created the squadron's insignia, a caricature of an imaginary bat-like, razor-beaked creature from Hell, embodying the qualities of ferocity, determination, and a razor sharp skill in the use of aircraft and airborne weapons. It was approved by the CNO on 23 May 1944.



Embroidered on wool.



23–31 Aug 1944: The squadron, along with other units of CVG-81, embarked in Hancock (CV 19) for transportation to Hawaii.

28 Oct–7 Nov 1944: Embarked in Copahee (CVE 12) for transportation to Guam.

14 Nov 1944: CVG-81 aircraft engaged in their first combat sorties, flying missions against Luzon from Wasp (CV 18).

27 Dec 1944: The squadron was detached from CVG-81, embarked in Wasp (CV 18), and flew to Guam. This was done to accommodate an increase in the fighter strength aboard the carrier.

Mar 1945: VB-81 rejoined CVG-81 aboard Copahee for the transit back to the States.


Grossnick, Roy A. Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons. Volume 1. 1995. p 248.

VF-81 | "Freelancers"

Established 2 Mar 1944
Redesignated VF-13A 15 Nov 1946

Aircraft: F6F-3, -5, -3P, -3N, -5N


Silkscreened on leatherette.










Aircraft: TBM-1C


Embroidered on wool.


"Marauder's Row" - USS Wasp and other Essex Class carriers at Ulithi Atoll, December, 1944.



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I am not able to edit my original post to add this additional insignia image, so it is presented below.



VF-81 | "Freelancers"


Embroidered on wool.


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