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IMA M1907 Sling- Any good? And sling questions...

General Colt

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I am currently trying to find out if International Military Antique's sling is any good. If not, who makes a good one for a decent price? ATF's and Turner's are currently a bit spendy for me. Also, when did the OD3 canvas sling first make its way onto the field? I am asking just if the M1907 sling doesn't work out.



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son of a Jungleer

Interesting question on the web sling. I've seen them in photos c1944, Europe & SW Pacific, used right along side the 1907s...

Also at various shows, I've seen original examples in OD1, OD3 & OD7. I would make sure to get the flat keeper versus the later raised keeper type that came out post Korea War...

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