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Hello everybody,

collection bloody thinned down in recent times as it comes to modern age items and full sets, so I hold tight on older material and have decided to take pictures at the three complete sets from WW2 era. No particular reason for this - simply having them first grouped together against a red backdrop (.. :rolleyes: Christmas maybe? or for the sake of a much better contrast), then some shots at them singly just to share here on the Forum.


Not a really new material as they were already subjected earlier in Forum topics, but they're not a bad result visually. Just colorful photos and the captions kept at minimum, some differences in hues here and there due to different lightings.

THX - Franco.








the P-38 guy of late 1944, tropical environment:
































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Thanx David,

yes a great-looking setup of Flak vests. Waited about six years to get it in Europe - more precisely here in Italy in order to see first-person their condition and personally bring it home, the whole without having to spend too much.


Wishes to all Forum's users.

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Thanx Paul for appreciating,


yes great-looking your fav pilot, also due to your precious tips back then - as for myself I'd put it and the P-38 guy on the same level, maybe the latter a bit ahead but cannot explain why. Possibly 'cause of a truly great job of retrieving the mannequinn from a dump by night, then repairing it, searching elsewhere for a missing arm, eventually airbrushing the exposed areas in tanned skin plus a very slight trace of beard.

Then waiting along three years for some items; especially the infamous C-2 raft and container being terrible to find complete and in good shape in non-Internet days..

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Thanx Jerry,

yes you're right and wouldn't be bad swapping the two handguns - every time I think that and don't do it immediately, the thing does stay unchanged. Must make that step soonest..


Here one of collection's few survivors from the jet age characters, the F-105 pilot in Vietnam 1968-69. Think could be a very small sin if I'm showing it together with one of his foes back then, a MiG-21 pilot from 'up North', could be interesting anyway a look at. Of course if an excessive subject here not being US-made, please you'll remove those

few photos depicting it.

Maybe a bit unrealistic due to his body size and blue eyes (!!) but I couldn't act otherwise at the time, so likely it's an 'advisor' from elsewhere? - of course the rest is strictly and absolutely 100% vintage. Here dressed/equipped in a somehow crude fashion and no extra items on the person - as pictured in some images of 1967-68, dressed in stratospheric gear despite (IMO) no need for that as flight altitudes of US tactical formations were absolutely normal ones.

URSS-made helmet (GSh-4MS) from year 1970 and partial pressure suit (VKK-4P) from 1964, and Chinese-made gloves + shoes.


The F-105 guy is much richer in quality and quantity of equipment and accessories, even if here not all are visible - among them .38 revolver, knife and kneeboard. Helmet is

a HGU-2/AP from 1968 as well the MBU-5/P oxy. mask, cotton suit K-2B from 1968, B-3A leather gloves from 1967 and CSU-3/P Anti-G pants from 1970.



































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