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It appears by the sign that this is the 1st Parachute Training Regiment, The Parachute School at Fort Benning Georgia. At the bottom of the plaque under training regiment I can see the word FIRST but underneath that I can't make out what it says. Is there an date on the picture? More pictures would be great of the overall photo as well, and that may help determine a date or narrow down to at least a time frame..


In volume 1 of Jack Angolia's book series "Hero's in our Midst" page 91 shows a copy of orders for Headquarters First Parachute Training Regiment, and these orders are dated August 1942. I can't find any other reference to this name anywhere else. That original document was provided by Ed Hicks, a well known collector of Airborne artifacts..


I am sure that the WW2 Airborne subject matter experts will be able to provide more information for you.


It appears to be a very interesting and early Airborne photo.



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Here are a couple of close-ups of the soldiers in the photo. THe one image is the only one that I saw where a shoulder patch was being worn. It appears to me that the SSI is of the Army Ground Forces.


There are no cap patches on any of the soldiers that I see and all of the jump boots are nicely bloused. The uniforms are all khaki trousers and shirts- no jump jackets or trousers parachute jumper to be seen.


To me, it seems that the uniforms make it early 1940's, but not so early that the buckle boots (with the strap at the ankles) are being worn.





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I gave a shot at trying to clean up the photo, but I can't read the bottom line.

Airborne 2.jpg

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