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USN Hospital, Supply & Chaplain Corps - AH Ships and Medical Units

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Aloha Everyone,


This topic will be for patches, photos and items related to the USN Hospital, Chaplain & Supply Corps including Hospital Ships (AH, T-AH), Hospitals and Clinics, Medical Schools, Flight Surgeons, Hospital Corpsmen, Pharmacies, Supply Centers and Facilities, Navy Exchanges, and all denominations of the Chaplain Corps


Feel free to add your own examples to the topic.



United States Naval Hospital Corps - Removed from a medical uniform

USN Hospital Corps 001.jpg

USN Hospital Corps 002.jpg

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U.S. Naval Hospital Great Lakes, Illinois - The Naval Hospital Great Lakes (NHGL) was built in 1960. The 12-story, 825-bed building, known as 200H, was a tertiary facility with 850 beds, 11 operating rooms, and space for 16 clinics. It provided care for military personnel on the base and was the primary receiving hospital for sailors and Marines injured in the Vietnam War.

From: Internship recruiting booklet. BUMED Archive 1969 - US Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Office of Medical History Collection

"The Great Lakes Naval Hospital is the Tri-Service General Hospital for the entire Midwest, furnishing medical care for Navy, Army, and Air Force active duty and retired personnel and their dependents. The mission of the hospital is to not only give the finest medical care to these patients, but to train doctors, nurses, administrative officers, corpsmen, and corpswaves, for duty with the Fleet and the medical and dental activities throughout the world. This is one of our major training hospitals and carries out this teaching and training so that our serviceman and his family will have the finest medical care and support in the world. To this end, the hospital is staffed with outstanding specialists in all fields of medicine, dentistry, nursing and administration. Patient care in the hospital and out-patient clinic is their primary responsibility. The maintenance of the finest intern and resident physician training supports chis primary mission as does the intensive and specialized training of nurses, corpsmen, and corpswaves. Thus, at Great Lakes, this is a University-type Navy Hospital for patient care and training to support the Navy and its operating fleet. The Commanding Officer of the hospital is a flag rank officer who also commands the Naval Hospital Corps School, Great Lakes, and as District Medical Officer is responsible for the coordination of all medical activities in the thirteen-state Ninth Naval District."

Naval Hospital Great Lakes 001.jpg

Naval Hospital Great Lakes 002.jpg

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Description: 130514-N-HA320-015 GREAT LAKES, Ill. (May 14, 2013) A crane and wrecking ball demolish the 16-story former hospital building at Naval Station Great Lakes, Ill., which operated from 1960 to 2010. Demolishing this facility and its supporting structures is the last phase of the 2010 establishment of the Capt. James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center, which supports Navy recruits, active-duty service members, family members and veterans.

Author (U.S. Navy photo by Bill Couch/Released)

Permission (Reusing this file) PD-USN Public Domain

Naval Hospital Great Lakes 005 2013a.jpg

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USNS MERCY (T-AH-19) San Clemente class super tanker and Mercy class leader Hospital ship in service since 1987


This is from her maiden voyage of mercy to the Philippines in 1987.


USNS Mercy (T-AH-19) anchored off Luzon, Philippine Islands in 1987. Mercy set sail, 27 February 1987, on her shakedown cruise, which included performing a humanitarian mission to the Republic of the Philippines. The four-month mission was designed to train Military Sealift Command (MSC) and Navy personnel in the operation and support of the ship and its Medical Treatment Facility during extended operations in remote areas. An average of ten days was spent at the following deployment sites: Subic Bay, Luzon (first and last); Legazpi, Luzon; Davao and Zamboangna, Mindanao; Puerto Princesa, Palawan; Cebu City, Cebu and finally Calbayog, Samar. The Medical Crew was made up of active duty and reserve Navy, Army, Air Force and Public Health Service personnel. After this mission Mercy returned to her new homeport at the US Naval Supply Center, Oakland, CA.
US Navy photo by PHC Chet King USN, from "All Hands" magazine, November 1987


T AH 19 USNS MERCY 1987 001.jpg

T AH 19 USNS MERCY 1987 004.jpg

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USNS MERCY (T-AH-19) San Clemente class super tanker and Mercy class leader Hospital ship in service since 1987

This is from her maiden voyage of mercy to the Philippines in 1987. (It's an error patch too, USSN rather than USNS)

T AH 19 USNS MERCY 1987 002.jpg

T AH 19 USNS MERCY 1987 003.jpg

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