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Medical Training Injection Kit, 1-231-800


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I picked up this training injection kit at a flea market, seller had no information on it.

There are three injectors in the box, looks like one is missing.

The glass ampules are full; 1cc sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution.

The needles are there and they are huge!!!


The box appears to be military style as well as the Stock No. 1-231-800.


Any idea when this was made??




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Definitely looks military. The first postals codes were initiated in 1943 during WW2, so this was made some time during or beyond that. But it sure does have that WW2 look.


Great find.


Thanks, Al

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Thank you for the medical department site.

It is a great place to look up WW2 medical items!!!!


According to the site, the stock number on this kit

was made after July 1947.


So, with that, Korean War or early Vietnam, I suppose.

Anyway, it is not WW2.


Thanks again,





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