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Not much, but a nice little group from the same family. A sweetheart pin for the QM corp and the vets wifes faters WW1 victory medal. The QM vet was stationed in Iran and ran the road from there to Russia and China, really nice pin.





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Great finds Fritz!!! thumbsup.gif



Michael Sweeney--Researcher and Collector of WW2 77TH Division

If you have any named items to a 77th Division Soldier please contact me!!!


In memoroy of my Grandfather

Eugene Henry Sweeney

1st Lieutenant of the 306th

Infantry Regiment Company L -

Veteran of Guam and Leyte





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Very nice sweat heart pin. Do you know the name of the WWI vet?



No she did not give me here dads name, but I do have her # I never thought to ask her, her married name is Epps which is her husbands last name he is the QM vet. I do know that she originally was from out west and moved here to NW Ohio about 30 years ago.


Thanks Michael, it is a nice pin, this is the first one I have ever purchased, I've seen them before but never payed much attention to them.



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I like the WWI Victory medal thumbsup.gif


I often find WWII Victory medals but never find WWI Victory medals


Thanks Bolo! This is the first WW1 victory medal I've found out of the woodwork, I find alot of WW2 medals but the WW1 stuff is slowly drying up. I myself like the WW1 stuff more, don't know why.



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