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I am not certain I understand the nature of your post as it only contains a title and an image.


If you are asking to identify what this item actually is, it appears to be a GAR suspension bar and ribbon (possibly from an Encampment) married to a pendant in the shape of a turkey.


It is clear that these two pieces did not originate with one another. The GAR would never connect the two with a scraggly piece of copper wire. In addition, there is obviously a second hole in the pendant that is the same size and shape as the one used to connect the two pieces. It clearly had an original function, but it wasn't to attach this pendant to this ribbon. The GAR would not have ordered a pendant with this extraneous feature.


If you ask me, this piece was put together either to combine some old parts in order to sell to some unknowing buyer, or it was fabricated as a joke award to indicate that someone was a turkey (in whatever context you choose that to be perceived).


However you obtained it, I hope you did not pay much for it.






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