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Best Acquisition of 2017

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Mine was a post war knuckle knife made by M.H. Cole. In the late 1960's Mr. Cole made 14 of these knives using brass castings left over from the approximately 300 he made during WWII. This one is #8 and has a flat grind. The knife has a 9 1/8" blade and weighs 2 pounds 5.2 ounces.
I was also able to acquire Mr. Cole's working copy of his Book III along with the knife. The book has 100 of the 220 pages annotated with his comments and drawings. It is very interesting, I think a real piece of history.










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That really is a neat grouping. Quite historical in my opinion too. Thanks for showing.

"You can't please everyone so you have got to please yourself." Ricky Nelson



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I had three great finds this year, all at gun shows


1890 Hunting knife


a Herders, unfortunately no scabbard


and 1918 trench knife, I was in the right place at the right time and got it for a very,very good price with scabbard.


I will post pics when I can remember how to do so.

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Elton- Nice acquisitions, and thanks for showing. Love the 1890 Hunting Knife. I picked one up a year ago Nov 16. Doesn't count for this year. LOL! Mine has an iron guard, and the scabbard has the brass belt hook. No quite as nice as yours. SKIP

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2017 was a pretty good year for me with knives. Between buying and selling it was close to 700 handled in the year at my website www.usmilitaryknives.com (shameless plug). A few I picked up really made me smile and none of them were even close to the most expensive ones or the typical stars like Raiders or V-42's. Lets see if I can work this correctly here and show a few.



I wanted it for the kitchen table centerpiece but it was a no go.



One of Dale Sandbergs first batch of 9 knives he made for his son and his buddies, this was the start.




The last knife I bought in 2017. A Camillus knife made in April of 1945 that was a prototype to replace the Stainless Steel MIL-K version. They made three patterns, 16 of each. This one somehow ended up on eBay, crazy rare piece.


Looking forward to 2018!


All the best

Frank Trzaska


All The Best

Frank Trzaska

Visit us at USMilitaryKnives.Com

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