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Mint MXU-161/P Knee Board

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Here are some photos of a mint/NOS MXU-161/P knee board I picked up last week with a nice 1967 contract date. I haven't put any batteries in it yet to see if the light works :) The foam strips on the back are pretty much gone/rotted away but other than that it looks brand new.


I've seen other knee boards for sale - a Mark 2A, a MXU-5/P, and an MXU-163/P. They all look pretty much the same to me but I'm assuming they are from different eras? Maybe the Mark 2A is a USN version? Or is the only way to tell is from the contract info?





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That is cool. I would like a similar one to actually use but got out of the habit(the day after my check ride!). My wife still wears one though. Maybe I can convince her to let me find her one! Building a single seater so could come back to me.

Do you have more gear to complete a Nam aviator setup?


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Thanks gents. Still need to try it with some batteries ?


Dave - I do have everything to do a mid-60s U.S. Army helo pilot/instructor at Fort Wolters. Its all USAF gear anyway (except for his APH-5 helmet)! Ive been toying with looking for a mannequin to put it all together. I just might have to do it before I run out of space in my war room.



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