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Glide-Slope Indicator?

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I am looking for information on something that I believe is called a glide-slope indicator. What I know about it is:

It is labeled:

Weston Instruments Division


MFR’S NO. 521273

The front has:

• A picture of a cross section of an airplane as viewed from the rear.

• The horizontal needle is labeled "U" and "D" which, I presume, means UP and DOWN, probably relative to the nose.

• The vertical needle is labeled "L" and "R" which, I presume again, means LEFT and RIGHT. Because airplanes tend to roll through turns I expect that this indicates roll direction rather than turn direction.

• There is also an indicator light labeled RELEASE.

The back has:

• A screw labeled “+” and one labeled “-“ which I expect are for application of 28 VDC standard aircraft power.

• There is also a 18 pin electrical connector.

• Eight of the pins seem to be connected together in pairs.

• Two pins (including one of the eight) are connected to each of the two previously mentioned screws.

• Three more pins (including two of the eight) are connected to the indicator light

• Four pins don't seem to be connected to anything

Thanks for any help understanding this.


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Very similar!


  • There are some minor differences in the legends on the front.
  • The picture of the plane is the same, but the Left-Right indicator on mine pivots at thee bottom rather than the top.
  • Where your indicator has a large cap at the front lower left, mine has an orange lamp labeled "RELEASE."
  • Mine only has one connector on the back (18 pins).

If I can figure out how to do it, I'll post photos.

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Does this help in posting photos?





If I can figure out how to do it, I'll post photos.


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