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Established as VT(N)-41 | 28 Aug 1944
Disestablished | 25 Feb 1945
Established as VT-41 | 26 March 1945
Redesignated Attack Squadron ONE E (VA-1E) | 15 November 1946
Disestablished | 1 September 1948.

The first and only squadron to be designated VA-1E.

Home Port Assignments
NAS Seattle | 26 Mar 1945
NAS Pasco | 15 Apr 1945
NAS Seattle | 04 Jul 1945
NAAS Arlington | 10 Jul 1945
MCAAF Gillespie | 01 Aug 1945
NAS San Diego | 19 Sep 1945

TBM-3N | 1944-5
TMB-1/1C | 26 Mar 1945
TBM-3 | 26 Mar 1945
TBF-1 | Apr 1945
TBF-1C/P | May 1945
TBM-3E | May 1945
TBM-3S | 1948

VT-41 was assigned to Escort Carrier Air Group FORTY ONE (CVEG-41). Commander Air Force Pacific Fleet had designated the squadron upon formation as having antisubmarine warfare as its primary mission.



Embroidered on twill.





Grossnick, Roy A. Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons. Volume I Naval Historical Center. Washington, D.C. 1995. p 17.

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My second cousin was a TBM pilot. His brother told me that the fighter pilots would refer to the TBMs as a "flock of turtles" as they would form up and throttle back.

Patch seems appropriate.

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