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My sixth patch - 601st QM Aerial Supply Co.

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Hi, All! I finished my sixth patch on Sunday evening, and here it is! I actually made this on commission from a forum member. He wanted it slightly larger than normal so that it wouldn't be mistaken for an original (how sweet!). I also tacked a "Specially Made By" tag to the back for him, but photographed it before that, to show the whole back. It is about 4 1/4 inches tall. This took about 20 hours of actual work. Again, this was done on specialty wool felt with French cotton thread. Just me and a needle, no machine used at any time!


I really enjoyed seeing that I could do the letters and numbers on it, which are more difficult in general. I was told this is a rare patch, and I couldn't even find a photo online of an original! If I hadn't been given a source picture, I wouldn't have ever been able to find one! Guess this is one of those patches that you can truthfully say is "rare"! :) Hope you enjoy seeing it! I am already working on three more patches. Been a bit slower with Dad and everything going on, but still plugging away, even slowly. ;)








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Im the one that commisioned Elizabeth to make this patch for me for my display...she does incredible work second to none and i highly recommend her services!...this is a super rare patch and very hard to find and every few years one will come up for sale and im always a day late and a dollar short so instead of a color paper copy for display next to my 601st helmets i thought it would be great to have Elizabeth make one for me...and i can tell you i was extremely happy with the results!....mike

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Thanks for all the kind words! I didn't think I would get this one done so quickly, as Mike only asked me on 9 Oct. However, I was sitting with Dad and we were watching a movie two different days, and I was able to finish it. I find when I am tired, that hand-sewing goes well with my brain. :)


This one was a fun way to experiment and see if I could do lettering. I was really happy with the results. I am working on an all-lettered tab patch now.

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