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1/1 Scale, Leyte 1944 diorama.

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Sometime, it's not easy to display mannequin because of its seatting posture. Talking about it with a friend, he ask me why don't build a 1/1 scale diorama.

So, I started to build a bunker where my mannequin could be seat down, after fights.


I have decide to represent the 7th Rgt, 1st Cav.Div. on "white beach" during Leyte Island landing, october 20, 1944.


Better than a long speech, here are photos of my step by step work.


This is photos I am using for mannequin and background.






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I have worked on it after my job time, sometime saturday afternoon, several hours but I don't know exactly how much.

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Absolutely beautiful. Talk about passion and dedication for this hobby of ours. Thanks for sharing this with us.




- Vietnam CISO/SOG Knife Collector -


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