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Is This A Military Whistle?

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A friend of mine gave this to me yesterday and I am not familiar with these at all. I did some research and found a bunch of whistles that looked the same and marked Acme made in England and all dated to before and after WW1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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IMHO this may indeed be a military related whistle. You are correct that this is very close to (if not the same as) a J. Hudson & Co (Acme) Metropolitan general service whistle. I know that military supply companies imported foreign made goods for sale/use in the United States. If I'm not mistaken, N.S. Meyer is one of the businesses that did this, as I have also seen Acme Thunderer whistles marked with the same Meyer shield logo. In the U.S. the example that you have were referred to as "Kinglet" whistles, which were used by company commanders. 

Here is a picture of an Acme Thunderer that I found on the internet that also shows the N.S. Meyer logo.




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