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No.19 MkII radio with Signal Corps data plates


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Hello Everyone,

Someone is offering this set for sale locally. Ive done some searching on line and found that this is a British designed set intended for tanks and vehicles. It was supposedly used mostly by commonwealth troops but this one is interesting in that it has US army data plates. Its also Interesting that it has both English and Cyrillic written on the dials. Supposedly for lend-lease to Russia. I would possibly like to purchase it but, would like to get some opinions on it.

Thanks in advance,




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Many years ago ( many), i talked to a U.S. vet who had been in a special mapmaking group in a truck, which group prepared maps on the fly, while moving. He told me one of the truck radios was the No.19 set. I asked why they would use a Brit set and he said someone seemed to think it best to use Brit equipment fot liaison with the British. Okay, i get it now!

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