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29th ID helmet

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I know, it's not in extraordinary condition, but all good, and coming out of Normandy. I was a policeman for a few years, and I was lucky to get out some good parts. I have another one of the 90th, but the badge is almost erased.


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Where is the location in which this helmet was dug?, Normandy is big.

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Hi, glad you like it. I do not know if in the United States it's like ours in France, but on all sales we find helmets with badges. So when we have a good one, we keep it. I have another one of the 90th coming out of the farm, I'll put a picture of it, but the painted badge is almost erased. thanks to wwIIDAD'S for this part of history, the guys have indeed endured well for the fights on ST LO.

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