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WWII Curtiss C-46 Airplane Part ?

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Here is an interesting piece I just acquired locally. It is a large tank and according to the data plate it was for a C-46. Also indicates to remove this tank before flying in combat. Anyone know what this is all about?. Thanks.




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Purely a WAG, but it might be a de-icer fluid tank.



Yeah no idea, but just reading the markings I had the same thought.

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I believe the de-icing tank is what it is. Found this.


Mike Hodis - Plouby
"Remove tank before going into combat" stencil still visible on this WW2 era B25 de-icing tank which will be repurposed as the fuel tank in the Comp Coupe.


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I agree, this is probably the de-icer tank. During WWII Curtiss had a large plant about 15 minutes from my house. Every year interesting things from Curtiss and Bell (also close by) show up at local flea markets, estate sales, antique shops, etc.. But this one is a first. Thanks for searching.

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