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My third painted patch - 497th TFS Vietnam "Nite Owl" emblem

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Doing this display for my Uncle, I found this cool photo of painted emblem of the Nite Owls (which were the 497th Tactical Fighter Squadron, based in Ubon, Thailand).




So, I thought it would be a fun thing to make a leather patch out of it. Did this this evening, and here it is, barely dry yet. Really happy with how it turned out on the black leather. It is thick cowhide, and the patch is a 5" circle.




If anyone on here served with the 497th, I would love to know what this owl was painted on! ;)

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You know, I did cut a stencil, but it didn't work. So, I ended up just doing it freehand! It is a real eye-catcher in real life. I've never done a black patch before, but it is really cool! No particular reason for me to have made this one. I just thought it might be cool! :)

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Hi, that's a really cool patch and knowing you did this freehand makes it even more special. Well done!



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Johnny Signor

The Owl was painted on the side of the F-4 Phantoms intake areas, if you look up the 497th TFS F-4's you should eb able to find an image or two shoing them on thier F-4's , nicely done work on the patch :)

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