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Navy WW2 Purple Heart Find

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Just added this to my collection. It brings to mind several questions I was hoping forum members could answer. First, I have seen USN PHs in the more common style leather covered WWII boxes, but this is the first I have personally come across in the small purple box. Was there a time period when the purple boxes were used versus the the more common WWII leather covered boxes? Also, I have heard that the Navy's history website has a link to search for WWII casualties, but I have spent some time digging around on the site and have yet to find a searchable WWII casualty database, anyone have the link? I would like to find out when this sailor was killed.


Enjoy the pics and thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.




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Such interesting recipient engraving! I am constantly on the search for such examples! Where have you purchased it, any insight you could provide regarding where such items can be found?! Let me know man:)



Note: Purchasing any WWII Axis "SOUVENIRS" brought back by U.S soldiers during the Second World War! Please contact me if you currently withhold such items and are interested in parting with them, I can be contacted via Email at daniel_1975@iCloud.com ?

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