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New Pick up... B-15A Flight Jacket

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Never had one of these, pretty decent shape. Only drawback is the zipper is trashed. Anyone have experience with getting zippers replaced? Is it cost effective/worth the trouble?



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Nice jacket. Unless you plan to ware it I wouldn't worry about the zipper. If you must replace it you can find period correct NOS on E-pray. The problem is a correct thread color match. A shade or two off either way will draw your eye to the repair every time you look at it. Good luck!

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Agree. I would likely repair it if it were mine BUT I do my own work and that's almost like constructing a new jacket front - not cost effective. A "seamstress" is unlikely to do it to your liking but others have been lucky as most do know how jackets are constructed. IMO, for the cost of a correct zip and labor - just not worth it.



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Remplace a zip closure on B15s is really difficult. Or better, is difficult done in a perfect way and is impossible hide the old seam holes. The right part of the zip is sewn to the jacket before the long flap was applied, so you have get it off and then re-sewn together all the part. The new threads will be visible beside the olds and so on... I wouldn't touch anything!



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Niice looking original B-15A indeed! You can try to repair those missing teeth only instead of replacing the whole zipper if for wearing purpose... but its real difficult as discussed, an experienced craftsman is needed obviously. And just in case, are you considering to resell?

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