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G 519 clone from 1936 Columbia

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This started out in life, I think, as a 1936 Columbia...SN stamped under the pedal hub is A220751 and C10 above it.....any bike guys out there??


found at an auction, with bent forks, bent handlebars, no rubber, but more or less intact ...so it looked to be a good candidate for G519 clone...



cut the forks and welded them more or less straight...replaced the handle bars with what I think are period G519 handle bars, still had the OD factory paint...

Chain guard was held in place with wire, replaced/repaired the guard, and had the seat leather replaced


stripped layers of non original paint, stripped the frame completely of all moving parts, greased and reassembled...


Looking for handlebar grips and pedals....


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Dig it...thanks much Ron...

Maybe he can chime in on the make of the bike...kinda still a mystery...the SN seems to be a Columbia...but I would not say for sure

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Looks great and a lot of fun


If you don't already know, on the G503 website there is a topic for bikes and motorcycles


A guy on there was selling repro WWII bike grips


Other things WWII bike pop up on there all the time


Tom Bowers

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Thanks Tom...the 503 was a great resource for the build..as was The Cabe bike forum.. I did not register on the Cabe...so I could not ask questions just lurked/trolled


I will look again on the 503 for grips...I saw a few years ago a guy had NOS grips...

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