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War Bond Poster Norman Rockwell

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I recently sold 2 of my WW1 liberty loan posters. After a bit of research, I found both of them in a large online collection on WW1 posters at one of Indiana's state universities. They both looked the same as mine overall and also had the correct numbers and lithographer's name and city in the border at the bottom. Probably of more importance though, the actual dimensions of each poster were given, I measured mine and they matched perfectly! I then went to several online poster sales sites and discovered that all of the reproductions offered were either smaller or larger than mine. Also, a book I had about WW1 posters mentioned that the paper quality used for that time period was poor to terrible! (They were meant to be used and then discarded in a short time) The book also stated that reproductions were generally printed on semi-glossy paper, which originals were not. My 2 posters fit this description and showed use, small tears and creases. Your poster appears to be WW2 era and printed for the Ordnance Dept. by the U.S. Government Printing Office in 1942. I would look online for this same poster in a government archive or a private collection and compare it's dimensions to yours. There are probably more resources that list the paper size and quality also. It is possible that this poster was printed in more than 1 size. Just like most paper items, tears, fading, and creases affect the value of the item, i found it most difficult to put a price on my posters and finally went with a "seat of the pants" valuation system I've developed over the last 30 years or so! I hope this helps you a little and good luck in your search.

WW1 American items donations always appreciated!

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