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Opinions on this Kevlar Helmet

Old Marine

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This helmet turned up at a church thrift store a few weeks ago. The condition and price were so good I couldn't turn it down. I usually don't pick up more modern gear but as I said this was too nice to leave behind.


The helmet is marked:



CONTRACT DLA 100-83-C-4223

NSN 8470-01-032-7678




Inside there is 84 over 85 molded in to the helmet along with L-2 and Gentex.


I read about these helmets on the forum and from what I gathered this helmet was procured on a 1983 contract and probably made in 1984. Am I interpreting the markings correctly?


If this helmet was made in 83-84 would this be one of the first procurement of these Kevlar helmets?


Anyway, it's a nice piece any observations or comments about this would be appreciated.







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