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WW2 USMC folding tent pole


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I first saw one of these poles maybe 15 years ago but didn't know what to think of it. The metal sleeves are thin and not very robust. My thought was that it was made for civilian use. But recently I ran across this photo of Corpsmen on Okinawa and they are using that pole as a plasma bottle stand. Now I know for sure they are a WW2 item, but were they always supposed to be a plasma bottle stand or is it a shelter half pole being used as such? The pole is sharpened on both ends.




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Great find on both the pole and the photo! Given the shape of the ends, I would go with it having been designed for a tent, but at least there is no doubt as to what it has been used for.


I believe this is the patent for the pole: US2389811A


"Nov. 27, 1945. H. OZLEK JOINT FOR POLES AND THE Filed July 20, 1943 '2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Invented W 2 hisatto Nov. 27, 1945. H. OZLEK 2,389 1 .JOINT FOR POLES ANDTHE LIKE Filed July 20, 1943 2- Shets-Sheet 2 9 .8 zf' f 7 4 mam; 1,3915 22,2225; if

Patented Nov. 27, 1945 UNITED. STATES PATENT OFFICE JOINT FOR POLES AND THE Herman Ozlek, Philadelphia, Pa.

Application July 20, 1943, Serial No. 495,511"





Cropped to show the hinge




If you look at the illustration, they depicted as possible use as a tent pole and a fishing pole!

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Very informative post. I might keep an eye out for one of these now. It certainly does seem useful for Corpsman, maybe it was more stable to hold plasma than the normal type?




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