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saw with interest the thread below, including where member ww1nerd asked among other things for white 'bleached cotton duck' breeches. ok, these are white twill (not faded tan) and came with some pre- WW2 / wwii usmc material.



they have no markings or labels, the seat is reinforced with an addl. large round piece of material sewn by circular stitch pattern. they have wide 'elephant ear' flares, and a combo of fake mother of pearl and plain matte white buttons.
there's also an extra belt loop at mid-rear longer than the others. per a thread by kevin - where he said marines had this feature for wearing a belt strap with their breeches - is it possible the same applies here?
and, are they even military vs. riding, polo or what have you? I'm thinking the latter despite the extra loop. thanks for looking and commenting.




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These breeches are most likely non-military, or atleastnot US uniform. White breeches are worn while playing polo and while fox hunting. They certainly could have military provenance if worn by a soldier in those activities. I have also read of officers wearing white trousers with their 1895 blues dress coat in the tropics, in a non-regulation fashion. I can't imagine that anyone would put together a mounted dress uniform in that fashion, though. Maybe for a horse show. Nope, these are most likely civilian.

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Could be part of an officer's uniform.


Here is a photo of then-Captain Archibald Butts as the military aide to President Taft, attending the 1910 World Series while wearing the high-collared white dress coat, white riding breeches, white hat, white gloves, black riding boots, silver spurs, and the M1902 saber.


He was military aide to both President Teddy Roosevelt and President Taft -- and died when the Lusitania sank.


Must say, though, that this is the ONLY photo I've ever seen of an officer wearing white riding breeches with the white dress jacket.



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