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Aftre ready the post about regimental collors being sold it reminded me of an article I have from the Bureau of Aeronautics from 1946 pertaining to surpuls equipment this is a quote of the article.


regulations givin to naval personnel


An increasing number of of inquires are being recieved from men in the service and discharged veterans for information on the purchase of excess navy aircraft and aeronautical equipment.

The navy department is not authorized to sell access equipment except small lots,scrap and salvage and these cannot be sold to navy personnel.When aeronautical material is no longer needed by the navy,it is declared surplus to the reconstruction finance corperation which redistributes it to other federal agencies or sells it in accordance with regulations issued by the surplus property administration.

The surplus property act,section 16 ,specified that veterans shall have preference in purchase of surplus material for use in business or professional enterprises.No special consideration is given to men still in the service ,nor to a veteran who wants material for his own personal us.

Surplus property board regulations 7 sets up the procedure by which a veteran may exercise his priority in the purchase of surplus material for business or prfessional use.Briefly this regulation states:

Contact the local district office of the smaller war plants corperation whcih will provide form 66 to be filled out with a description of the material desired.That agency then will obtain the equipment,if available as surplus,execising SWPC's A-1 priority as a federal agency to procure it ahead of any non-veteran .The material may come from the army,navy or other federal agency.IT then will be turned over to the veteran at the price SWPC paid for it plus the actual cost of delivery,if any,SWPC may also in some cases help fianance the purchase.

No veteran may purchase surplus property costing more than $2500 with a priority exceot that he is given a priority in the purchase of one airplane even though cost exceeds $2500.

Naval personnel and veterans have the same right as anyone else to purchase surplus property costing in excess of $2500 from disposal agencies for use or resale.Information on the purchase of surplus property can be secured by the following agencies

General: surplus property administration,information division,room 2060,municipal center building,3rd & indiana NW washington DCProducer goods,real estate and aircraft: Office of surplus property,reconstruction finance corperation washington 25 DC

Consumer goods:Office of surplus property ,department of commerce, washington 25 district of columbia

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