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My war building

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w00t.gif Wow! Just give me a corner to put my cot, feed me three squares a day, and I'll volunteer to be your museum curator! I'll even dust and vacuum the War room on a regular basis!! :lol: Awww..heck, I'll pay rent!!

Looking for WWII, Nam items, Painted or Decaled Liners, and Military Pocket Bibles


My dog loves SPAM and snores like a drunken Sailor!


C Battery 2/32 FA BN


Giessen, Germany




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I was drooling over the photos until it hit me who was posting them. The funny part, Robin, is that few of these folks realize the photos don't show everything. For example, where's the Pack Howitzer? If you ever have an open house, let me know, I might just be motivated to make that southbound trip to see all that in one place (especially the bazookas)! Hope to see you this weekend at the Tacoma show!

Lee Bishop Formerly known as "Ratchet 5" with the 2nd Infantry Division (yes, in REAL life)

US WW2 War Correspondent collector

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Fantastic collection. I'd like to make my appointment now if thats OK? thumbsup.gif


Are those Avon boxes you have your stuff packed in?

Yes, they are. My Mother is an Avon Lady. Those boxes stack well and hold up really good. The bottom row has a lot of wieght on it, and none have ever collapsed.




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WOW crying.gif Fantastic collection you have here!! Realy amazing! Keep it coming thumbsup.gif


I love many things and am particularly impressed by all those crates for M1 ammo bandoleers. Will wait till you show all of them in details (markings etc) :blink: If you get time of course.



In memory of S/Sgt Sherwood H. Hallman (PA) F co, 175th Rgt, 29th division, BSM, PH w/olc (wounded in action june 8th in Normandy), MEDAL OF HONOR for action at Ilioc farm, Plouzané Sept 11 1944, KIA near Fort Keranroux, Brest Sept 14 1944. His son Sherwood Hallman II wearing the Medal. All my love to my adoptive family in Pennsylvania USA and to all my veteran friends.
You're the best!
29 LET'S GO!


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My wife spent the whole day painting the downstairs walls today. She's quite the trooper, and I owe a lot to her.

She's probably helping to move the stuff out of her house a little bit faster and get back her family room. :lol: Of course I'm just joking, my wife is really behind me on my collecting bug also. Thumbs-up to the painter! thumbsup.gif

"There is no such thing as an expert, only students with different levels of education."

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Simply amazing Robin. Once your war building is complete, people will have a hard time believing that this is privately owned.


What is your personal strategy collectionwise?


By the way, have you discussed with your wife on who will do the maintenance of that massive building??





Actively looking for demolition related items from WW2. Anything!


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