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Krag bayonet family portrait

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Top: experimental Bolo bayonet. Only 56 were made.

Second: Bowie bayonet. Several thousand were made.

Third: common rifle bayonet. Hundreds of thousands made.

Bottom: Cadet bayonet. 1368 produced.


I found the Cadet yesterday at the local antique show. Been on the look out for years. You can see how the false edge is much longer than the standard rifle bayonet.








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Great collection there. About all you need is one of the modified bayonets for the 'Board of Ordnance and Fortifications' trials rifles. Those rifles were modified from a 30" to a 26" barrel, which necessitated the muzzle ring on the bayonet to be bored out to fit on the shortened barrels (the krags had tapered barrels, so even at 4" shorter it left the barrel diameter too large for a standard bayonet). I believe the modified bayonets were stamped '26' on the top of the tang.

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