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Windproof camouflage Nha Trang tailor pattern


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It is not ok to mention who someone bought something from? I'm not trying to steer the talk about a dealer. Thanks.


Most of the posts you have made on camo have been trying to complain about Minn.


There is a whole section where you can do that, just not in these sections.

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Ok, so how far back does the Malaysian Brush stroke pattern go? It is referred to as Huyet. Brush pattern is about my favorite, along with the Okinawan patterns. Is Maharaja tiger an Okinawan pattern? I love Zig-Zag, too.

This pattern came from one tailor shop in Nha Trang and it was based on the Malaysian brush stroke pattern.


Super rare, and have only ever seen one other garment in this pattern, that we gave Owen a photo of to use in his book.


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A dealer refers to it as Huyet that came from Viet-Nam. He said that his the native word for it. He has a beret for sale in this Nha Trang brush stroke pattern, along with 3 cowboy hats. I sure would love to buy a remake of this pattern. I think it looks great, even it would only be a copy. I really like the Monster pattern, too, as well as tiger patterns like Maharajah and Zig Zag. Does anyone have some of that here? I look in the two tiger threads.

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