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Windproof camouflage Nha Trang tailor pattern

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I have one of those cowboy hats that I forgot !!!


Bob gave me a very special picture of a tux in this pattern

It's epic


Thanks guys.

I am glad you are enjoying the suit





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Owen - did I see that you had a Monster Pattern flight suit? Seeing as you are bringing out the big guns, might as well post a pic of it so we have something else nice to look at. Just a thought!

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Absolutely beautiful Owen, thank you for sharing them with us :love:


I think there are currently two of the berets known In collector circles, Jerome found them years ago, I have the other one. I wonder if there are more in members collections, would be nice to see them If so.


Yours, Guy.

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Owen, really can't say I remember it all that well, could be. Is that the Malaysian variant then?

I thought these were foreign and only introduced into Vietnam throughout jungle training/special forces training in those particular countries? Something along those lines. Even though as you say clearly a brushstroke derivative.

If Malaysia it might make sense what with the British being there in the 50s and wearing windproof.

Great shot of the fellow lounging with the cowboy hat and bel gam trousers, thanks for sharing.



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Hi Owen, Off the top of my head it has the same label but a slightly different lining.


When they were found both examples had ‘Vietnam’ arcs and TQLC tinnies I seem to remember.


Yours, Guy.


the arc removed.

There is other pics of this pattern in use I have to find them.

They were posted on a thread here years ago maybe by member copperan.


The Brush stroke no doubt came from the Denison or windproof pattern which of course is British !!!!

There were foreign tailors working the circut No doubt.


This type of cloth is Vietnamese produced.

Viet cloth has the cotton content that feels but heavy and light at the same time.

Its Japanese cousin feels way more dense and heavyweight.

Of course roller printed on top of fabric.


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