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Who Makes the Best Repro Jeep Cap?

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I've never really seen one that I thought was spot on, but am wanting to get a repro as a gift. Any input?



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I'm on my second ATF US made copy. I agree, close enough.


Compared to my several origionals the US made ATF caps are a little darker and less brown/green, and the weave is a bit more loose, but overall really not bad.


I have read that the wwiiimpressions jeep caps are the best reproductions that have been available, but they have been out of stock for a few years now. I did contact Juan from wwiiimpressions on the forum here and he said they were likely to be back in stock sometime, but I don't know when that will happen??

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I've used a WWII impressions one for years. Spot on repro. If you can wait, get one of those. With use and a few snags it looks like an original.

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