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Aloha Everyone,


From 1942 into the 1980's, Service Groups and Service Squadrons supported the US Navy combatant fleet units around the globe. After WWII, they were organized in typical USN fashion between the Pacific and Atlantic fleets, with the odd numbered groups and squadrons in the Pacific and the even numbered ones in the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. They were primarily composed of Auxiliary type ships providing logistical supply and support to the fleets. Oilers, Replenishment, Ammunition, Stores, Cargo, Repair, Towing & Salvage and miscellaneous Auxiliary hulls were their mainstay, plus added port, harbor clearance, photo, motion picture, maintenance & technical repair units.


Since the end of the Cold War the majority of these seagoing logistics functions are now provided to the Navy by the Military Sealift Command (MSC) and their USNS service fleet (ex-MSTS)


Feel free to post any or all items you have from the Service Groups and Service Squadrons which held the line from WWII throughout the Cold War era.




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