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Your Navy Presents Pat Boone


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I was perusing a local record store and found 3 singles entitled "Your Navy Presents Pat Boone." There isn't much info on the records themselves, but I think 2 of the records are from the 60s/70s. The third has the US Navy Recruiting emblem, which makes me think it was used for events or something. Was wondering if anybody had any info about when these records were made and what the purpose was. My guess is that they were for entertaining the troops possibly even on a "local radio station" on board a ship or on base. I only got them because of the Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams) quote from the movie Good Morning Vietnam "...Or I may just stay here and listen to old Pat Boone records. Try and find some hidden meaning 'cause basically I believe that that man is a misunderstood genius."





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Very cool! I myself have wondered if there are any records left from the AFVN stations, but I'd assume they were left behind when we pulled out. I enjoy listening to the snippets of original airtime, found on the internet.

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