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1:35 Scale WWII Army Mobile Field Kitchen truck

Old Marine

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Eventually all these kits will make a WWII Army Mobile Field Kitchen. I plan to make another small diorama the same size as the Tarawa diorama showing the kitchen at work preparing food somewhere in NW Europe in 1944.


I picked up the M-37 stove resin kit years ago at a model show and it was a tough kit to build. Most of those older resin kits were tough to build. The Mini Art figures are very nice and some of these divers will become the cooks. The Tamiya kit is easy to build and the Verlinden kit has some interesting pieces.


If anyone has any information or photos about these kitchen trucks please feel free to chime in or add photos and comments. I have been researching on the internet but I haven't been able to find much detailed information. Were these trucks assigned to each company? Or, were they at Battalion level? I have looked up Company level TO&Es and they show cooks assigned to companies but they don't list 2 /12 ton trucks.


As I said if any one has any information about these kitchens, equipment or organization please feel free to post it.


I will post more photos as I progress.








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Another photo of the Field Kitchen Truck from the Army TM. Notice that the seats are moved to the outside of the cargo bed to act as a serving shelf. Also the heigh of the canvas tarp is increased so that the cooks can stand and work under cover. The bows are about twice the height of a normal cargo truck.


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this is a neat idea and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Will it be a winter dio? mud? other?

I can almost smell the boiled spam cooking :P


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Brilliant idea Dennis!

One comment I can make is the placement of the stoves were "butted-up" to each other towards to left hand side of the truck bed (view from the rear to front of the bed).

This was because there was a "rack/tray" mounted on the drivers side wall of the bed ( see post #7). I believe I have a link to a better photo of this if you need it.

Also, here is an interesting link to the memories of an Army cook in the ETO.




Look forward to more photos & text as this project moves along.

All the best,


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Wow Dennis;


Awesome idea! A very interesting and not always done subject matter. Truly a magnificent brainchild. That is what I call thinking outside the modelers box.


As they always say "An Army travels on its stomach." I can't wait to see how this one comes out.


Semper Fi.



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Mech, if you have any better photos please post them. From what I have been able to find it does look like the ovens are butted up to the right (passenger side) of the truck bed. Along the left side there is a rack/shelf hung from the canvas bows opposite the cutting board/icebox. I can't see a rack to the left side of the ovens.

Feel free to post any photos you might have, thanks.


Progress has been slow. Here is a photo of one of the cooks flipping pieces of GI Mystery Meat. Right now they just look like slices of cut up sprue but with some paint they should look like ham steaks or something. This still has a long way to go.




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