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M1 helmet find with camo net covered liner

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Found this the other day. It's a rear seam swivel bail shell with postwar chinstraps. Lot number is an M, 0, and a B with spaces between all those (it's very hard to read so there may be other digits). The liner is the cool part. Now, I've never seen USMC WW2 mosquito netting in person, so I'm pulling off of pictures online, but it appears that is what is adhered to the outside of the liner. Liner appears to be a weakly stamped Westinghouse, with WW2 webbing, and the hole in the front. Has headband with rotting leather (marked Gem-Dandy with numbers). I've heard of helmet covers fashioned out of different camo materials during the war, but never seen a liner camo-ed that way. Can anyone confirm from the pics whether this appears to be WW2 era USMC mosquito netting? And does anyone have a camo liner like this?


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Doesn't look like the USMC Mosquito net in my opinion. Looks a little off although it might just be faded.



I am an amateur collector of US military items of the 20th century.


Looking for items related to:

-The Aleutian Island Campaign of WW2, Alaskan Theater, Alaska Defense Command, and more specifically the Battle of Attu

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-Items related to Wheelus Air Force Base Libya, particularly from 1957-1960

-WW2 items belonging to service members from Northern Virginia

-WW2 Uniforms (all branches and services)

-Cheap/Throwaway WW2 named uniforms

-Smaller WW2 Groupings

-7th Infantry Division Items

-WW2 Photos and Letters (all branches, theaters, services, etc)


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