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1947 date G-1 jacket


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Hey guys, Im do not have much knowledge on ww2 flight gear and such as i primarily am over on the US m1 helmet sections and only collect or know about usmc combat gear in terms of clothing. I have always wanted a flight jacket but also know they can get pricey. i figured why not get a g-1 jacket as they can be cheaper then the A2 jackets. i just picked this one up and by the looks of the tag inside it is 1947 dated. i like the look of it, it has nice wear to it all around. the USN stanp on the back of the collar is pretty neat and im glad its nice and visible compared go others ive seen. Let me know what you think of it! By the way, any ideas to get rid of the smell it has, i think the previous owner smoked a pipe alot!post-162289-0-84306100-1508208207.pngpost-162289-0-50793000-1508208215.pngpost-162289-0-53640400-1508208226.pngpost-162289-0-62989800-1508208232.png

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