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!970s Sarge With Iranian Jump Wings.


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A rare sighting I should think. A Sgt Maj Smitka at The Sergent Major School wears the Iranian Army Freefall Badge in the summer of 1973.





This is the only version I could find, this one with the crown (from allbadges) this one Smitka has has a Star as we see, think Smitka'a may be for Freefall Instructor?


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Nice picture


I met a SF Sgt who had Iranian jump wings.He was surpised I knew what they were.He explained they were deployed(to Iran) to train the Shahs commandos to be jump trained and qualified.He explained they supplied all of the equipment and lift capability.After the training and when the training team left there wasn't any lift capability(aircraft) so in effect the Iranians were trained but had no further jump capability.

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Cool stuff.Prior to our being kicked out the US gave massive assistance to Iran,supplying training and materials.



In addition to supplying Military Advisors,we also sent in Technical Assistance Teams,which IIRC,were a mixture of Military and/or Civilian personnel.



Here is a US Navy TAFT,or Technical Assistance Field Team patch I posted awhile back.



Here is a link to the patch post:





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