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US Navy metal squadron insignias


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Hello everybody,


I was very surprised to discover these two Navy squadron insignias. What I know is they were discovered in an old collection which has been created while the original owner lived in French Indochina between 1945 and 1955.


I guess those insignias were made during World War 2, but according to the pin on the back they look more French military aviation insignias than American insignias. They look painted on metal, not enameled.


Both squadrons are for VJ-1 (transport-utility) and VS-42 (scout bombing).


Does anybody ever see such squadron metallic insignias ?


On my side, I have always thought that Navy squadrons had only embroidered patches.


I would like to know a little more about these insignias. Where were they made ? Is there some documentation, any book or other sources to know more.


Thanks for your help guys.


VJ-1 squadron





VS-42 squadron




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