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1950s Air Rescue Sq Garment Bag

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Picked this up a few weeks ago. Couldn't find much on the era of the bag but guessing 1950s. Seems to line up with timeframe that the ALBATROSS was used by the USAF for rescue. Couldn't pass this one up either way, Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Curious, as it raises the question of why an amphibian squadron would be based in the middle of Germany. I suppose it could land on some of the more sizable lakes, but it's still odd.


Nice bag, though.

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http://usafunithistory.com/PDF/5-9/9 AIR RESCUE GP.pdf


Activation of 9th Air Rescue Squadron at Bushy Park on 27 February 1951 with three Flights; one at

Mansion, Kent; one at Prestwick, Scotland and C Flight at Burtonwood formed on 1 July 1951 with

B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft, supported by the SC-47 Dakota. The B-17 carried a lifeboat supported

under the fuselage that could be dropped into the sea.

The crew from C Flight of 9th Air Rescue Squadron based at Burtonwood saved the life of an

injured German seaman in a 15 hour rescue operation 110 miles off Scotland. The SA-16 amphibian

crew were alerted after midnight and told that a German sailor was dangerously ill on trawler

Herman Bosch in the North Atlantic between Scotland and Iceland. Radio contact was made at 0515

and with an RAF Sunderland. Neither aircraft was able to land due lo fog but after refueling The SA-

16 returned and landed picking up the seaman and took him to Stornaway where an ambulance was


9th Air Rescue Squadron became HQ 9 Air Rescue Group on 14 November 1952 and the Flights

renumbered:66 Air Rescue Squadron at Mansion, 67 Air Rescue Squadron at Prestwick and 68

Air Rescue Squadron at Burtonwood. 68 ARS shortly received Grumman SA-16 Albatross

amphibious aircraft and Sikorsky H-19 Helicopters, both extending the capability of The Unit


9th ARS, D Flight Wheelus AB, Libya 1951


maybe TDY to Weisbaden for a stint?


and this is the beginning of the Cold War era...Air Rescue and the USAF was still in it's infancy stage...Air Rescue was needed inland and the different flights rotated around Europe providing AR service?

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Thank you for all the information. That is very interesting. I wonder if they stayedin Germany for a while during a movement to a new base or something. I was able to find a Philip Heller III but not much on military service. Greatly appreciate the info. Will be sure to keep it with the bag,

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